Barrow 3 - 4 Tranmere Rovers - report from Joshua W

A hectic day in Cumbria saw Tranmere Rovers scrape past a disheartened Barrow side .

A strong Tranmere lineup went  ahead after 17minutes sending the travelling Tranmere fans into Ecstatic singing after being loud all game behind the goal and the right hand stand from where I was standing in a little corner . A cross by Matt Hill to the penalty spot Ben Tomlinson was hurled to the ground and one choice for the referee Mr Ryan Johnson pointed to the spot , Adam Mekki picked up the ball and calmly passed it to the bottom right corner to send us 1-0 up !

In the second half Barrow pushed after a poor Tranmere corner sent David Symington straight into the Tranmere half with Mekki behind him he had to play it but it was blocked by Matt Hill only to Andy Haworth who crossed it to the back post were Jason Walker was knocked by captain Steve Jennings , after Barrow fans protesting for 2 minutes he eventually gave it as a penalty which Walker got up and thumped emphatically to the right of the goal .Cole Stockton gave away the ball to  the Barrow fullback who then knocked it over to David Mellor then crossed it to captain Simon Grand in the 82nd who lobbed the header over Scott Davies' head. A long ball along the ground sent through Andy Haworth which he then knocked it on to Jason Walker he then drilled it along the box to Andy Cook on the 6 yard box in the 87th minute and angered the following 476 Tranmere Fans . Because we are Tranmere we never do anything the simple way . When the 3rd goal went in I walked to the seating and went to the toilet ,when  I was washing my hands someone ran in and said "Maynard just scored its 3-2 " when I came out the fourth official put up his board and said 5minutes extra time Stockton and Kirby came on for Maynard and Mekki . Game On!

A wind assisted ball from Scott Davies made its way past the whole team so I thought but a determined Jeff Hughes chased it down and took it past the keeper and in front of the travelling fans made it 3-3 we were back in the game!

Steve McNulty passed it to Lois Maynard who dinked it over the Barrow defence to Steve Jennings who played it back to 'One of our Own' Jake Kirby on the edge of the box took it inside and finessed it to the top left corner after a minor deflection ! At this moment I and 475 others were cheering and basically in shock after abuse hurled at Brabin 10 minutes ago to singing his praises a passionate Tranmere side went straight to boss Gary Brabin and just hugged eachother while half of the Barrow defence lied on the floor . Sue White Army and many others were sung . 

After the match a interview was held with Gary Brabin were he said "we showed real character and fully deserved the victory ."  One fan said this ' This club will be the death of me one day . From all-out meltdown to mind-blowing euphoria in the space of five minutes . Stunned '

A all in all a stressful match but enjoyable couch journey home arriving home at 8:30