Tranmere Rovers Vs Braintree Town by Cerys & Elke Spiers

Braintree Town FC Facts:

Braintree’s captain is Kenny Davis. He has been at the club for five seasons and is twenty-seven years old. Will Norris Braintree’s goal keeper is on loan from Cambridge United. Braintree have three foreign players one from France one from Australia and one from Spain. 

Match Report:

The Rovers got off to a great start despite the wind blowing wildly by the pitch. In the second minute Adam Mekki scored the first goal of the match, beating two defenders then shooting over the Braintree keeper from a tight angle! However, only two minutes later Danny Sparkes scored for Braintree Town making it one all. A free kick was given to Tranmere, only to be blocked by the goalkeeper. Fifteen minutes in Braintree almost scored but the ball was stopped at the last second. Steve McNulty fouled and luckily for Tranmere Michael Cheek missed over the bar.

In the twenty third minute Simeon Akinola scored for Braintree Town making it two one to the Essex team. Tranmere got up close to the goal many times but never managed to score. Soon after a free kick was awarded to James Norwood and he kicked the ball right over the bar. Braintree came close to scoring in the twenty ninth minute but also missed their target. Another free kick for Tranmere near the penalty area was taken by Liam Ridehalgh and he shot wide of the goal. Forty minutes in Braintree Town came close to a goal again but Tranmere wouldn’t let them score. Soon after Rovers had a shot on goal but the Braintree keeper Will Norris stopped it. Braintree came in for half time happy with their performance and leading by two goals to one.

In the seventh minute of the second half, Braintree had an opportunity to score with a free kick on the edge of the penalty area, but it flew over the bar. Soon after that Andy Mangan had a chance to score, but the ball went over the top of the goal and into the stand. In the 70th minute Tranmere tried again but failed when it was caught by the keeper. Later on there was a corner by Adam Mekki he tried very hard to get it in but his pass was intercepted by a Braintree player. In the seventy-sixth minute Braintree substituted number eleven [Daniel Sparkes] for number seven [Mitch Brundle]. In the 80th minute there was a free kick for Mekki but he couldn’t quite get it on target. After that Braintree made another substitution. It was off for the goal scorer Akionla and on for Marks. There were five minutes of added time at the end, but the score remained 1-2. The man of the match was Adam Mekki.

Tranmere’s performance was disappointing. Just as manager Gary Brabin said ‘they should try harder and take a leaf out of Mekki’s book.’