Junior Press Packer Aidan Murphy gives his summary of the Guiseley match

Tranmere Rovers 2 – 1 Guiseley

Tranmere Rovers won 2-1 in an exciting game against Guiseley at 

Prenton Park.

It was a cold day but when the players came on you could tell it was 

going to be a good game. It started off with a lot of fouls by both 

teams which generated free kicks, which nobody scored from. In the 

twenty third minute Guiseley made it 1 – 0 with a goal volleyed in 

from 25 yards by Danny Boschell. Tranmere defender, Liam Hogan 

received a yellow card during this half. Then in extra time striker, 

James Norwood scored, a great goal, headed in from Mekki’s corner, 

to equalise just as the half time whistle blew. 

The start of the second half was quiet, with not much action, until 

there were two substitutions by Guiseley. Dickinson came on for 

Smith and Maynard came on for Riley. Later on, Tranmere made 

their first substitution, with midfielder, Mekki coming off and 

Tomlinson coming on. Both teams had a lot of chances to score but 

nothing made it into the goal. Right when we thought the match 

would end with a 1-1 draw, one of Guiseley’s players fouled Norwood. 

James Norwood took the penalty and scored once again during injury 

time, making the match end Tranmere 2 – 1 Guiseley. 

After the match James Norwood, scorer of both goals was pleased 

with his performance. He said, “It was a great result and a great 

three points.” Manager, Gary Brabin said, “they created some good 

chances and played good football.” He was delighted with his players 

and said it was a fantastic performance by Norwood.

All in all the day was great! First, working with the Junior 

Superwhites then getting to watch Tranmere Rovers win.